Cia. Irene Cortina is the collaboration between Irene Cortina Gonzalez, spanish choreographer, Paul Dill, german composer and Christin Noel, german costume designer, and it’s based in Berlin (DE) and Valencia (SP).

Since 2015 the company has been performing in Holland, Germany, Poland, Spain, Israel, Bolivia and New York.
In 2015 and 2017 their work was selected by “Red de Teatros Alternativos” which allowed them to make 2 spanish tours and, in 2018, they where included in the PLATEA catalog, the Spanish Performing Arts catalog, and have enjoyed artistic residencies at the Inestable Theater in Valencia and at the Instituto Cervantes Berlin. Currently they are one of the companies enjoying the residency project Graners de creació 2019-2022.

The company has also been recognised and awarded at events such as Gadansk Solo competition (PL) and SoloDuo Competition Köln (DE) and has been part of prestigious festivals such as Danza Valencia (SP), Lucky Trimmer (DE), Plataforma Berlin (DE), Performing Arts Festival Berlin (DE) ) and Fringe Festival (IS).

The vocabulary of the company is strongly defined by its multidisciplinarity, which combines movement, original and live music and unique design of costumes and scenography.

The work is rich in technique and content and it’s based on a continuous investigation of new languages.


“COORDENADAS” challenges three performers (excellent accomplices of the pact) to inhabit a conceptual universe, humanize it, dissociate and be landscape … In an experimental edge, where the dance is preamble, excuse and link.
An intelligent and full proposal, that breathes to the beat of a virgin face of the spectator “.

María Rogel (MILK & HONEY | Plat)

“Irene immersed us in a physical world around our skin, our own body periphery, everything that is (re) presented to the outside world. The play with the materials, and the choreographic vocabulary of the performers, enveloping and attractive, made us live an artistic experience that we remember as one of the most special of the year. Contemporary author dance. Research language. Concepts that go beyond. Body and breath. Very stimulating. “

Gabi Ochoa and Maribel Bayona