In 2013, spanish choreographer Irene Cortina González founds the dance company together with german artists Paul Dill, composer, and Christin Noel, costume designer, based in Berlin.

With their repertoire they have ben performing in Holland, Germany, Poland, Israel, New York and Spain. Improvisation is an essential tool in the company’s work. They are interested in clarity, precision and significance in movement as much as in working with space, composition and images.

The pieces of the company has been recognized and awarded in venues as Gadansk Solo competition (PL), Lucky Trimmer (DE), SoloDuo Competition Kölln (DE), Red de Teatros Alternativos (SP) and Fringe Festival (IS).

For each production the company has been working with different artists from Germany and from Spain.

From this collaborations we would like to highlight:

CROATAN – photography, video and graphic design.

Roger Rossell – photography and video and light design.

Cadascú – scenography