4 – 6 Jun’15 Dancing MANAKUNA at Ackerstadtpalast, Berlin


4 – 6 Jun 2015
Ackerstadtpalast, Ackerstraße 169, 10115 Berlin

performing “Manakùna”
a project by choreographer Manon Parent

with Michiyasu Furutani, Irene Cortina González, Vava Dudu

MANAKUNA (premier: 29th November’14, Berlin)

Percussive flow and vibratory paths.

Manakùna exists between ancestral traditions and contemporary dance. It moves between fundamental energies and modern concepts.


pictures copyright: Camille Bokhobza

The universal dimension of the percussive flow shows the path of a basic understanding of human nature, of nature at all. Vibration, the key of energy, is a condition of life in any of its forms. Time gives vibration a direction, allowing it to evolve, curve, follow the tide of the oceans…together they create movement.
Immersed in this energetic percussive current, three individuals evolve ; different because following their own dramaturgy, together because united in a vibratory timeline.