solo improvisation with salad, carrots, potatoes and other beings

Performance where the dancer gives different tasks to the audience members and together they all create the dance performance.

The collaboration with the audience is the main issue of this piece.

The vegetables are the organic link between the performer and the audience members and it is through the use and placement of those vegetables that the audience has the power to intervening in the performance.

The performer has created the structure of the piece, deciding the placement where each scene will happen, the tasks that the audience can do and the length of the total performance.

This is a wonderful combination of social collaboration, dance technique and group studies.

So far it has been performed at “the green house” as part of “Gape 01 Berlin’s experimental lounge” and “Tatwerk, Berlin”

“solo improvisation with salad, carrots, potatoes and other beings”

Dancer/creator: Irene Cortina

Costume: Christin Noel