polvo y tierra, o formas de lidiar con la muerte ajena (or ways to deal with somebody else’s death)


2014 – 2015

In 2015 the piece is selected for the CIRCUITO DE LA RED DE TEATROS ALTERNATIVOS in Spain , and we perform it for the first time in New York and in Israel.

In 2016 the piece has its german premiere in March.

Escucha aquí la entrevista para La Red de Teatros Alternativos sobre la pieza:


17 March 16  Mensch Meier, Berlin

07 Oct 15   The Kraine Theater, New York 

07-08 Nov 15   Teatre de L’ Aurora, Barcelona (La red de teatros alternativos)distintivo seleccionado-02

30-31 Oct 15  Café de las Artes Teatro, Santander, Spain (La red de teatros alternativos)

24-25 Oct 15  La Usina, Madrid (La red de teatros alternativos)

14 Jul 15 FRINGE Festival. Beersheva, Israel

1-4 May 14 Espacio Inestable, Valencia. Spain

After the funeral of a beloved one, the characters of this story come home and try to go on with their lives.
A performance of live music and contemporary dance that talks about loss and intimacy. Heart warming light installation, movement, guitar, voice, accordion and a lot of soil.

Choreography: Irene Cortina

Music: Paul Dill

Stenography: Ximo Ortega

Costum: Christin Noel

Light: Irene Cortina and Roger Rosell

Photos: Proyecto CROATAN y Miguel Angel Garcia