Let Me In Festival 2016 Berlin

It’s time again for Let Me In Festival !! one of the most interesting performing arts festivals in Berlin.

Dear friends,
I’m happy and proud to be one of the Let Me In Festival curators and, after a lot of work, we are extremely delighted to invite you TOMORROW until SATURDAY!
16, 17, 18 JUNE 2016 at Schillerpromenade
Buy and pick up tickets: 19h at Café Selig
Performances start: 20h (be at 19:50 latest at Café Selig!)
Thursday 16th: We have an extra surprise! Performances start at 19:30

Each year LET ME IN FESTIVAL picks one street of Neukölln and transforms it into a performance tour during 3 evenings. 12 shows  take place in 4 non-conventional spaces such as houses, shops, galleries or parks.

The audience members are guided through the locations to enjoy a full-evening performance created by the combination of 4 short length pieces, discovering the chosen street from a new point of view and experiencing a very intimate and, in some cases, interactive performance.

16.June 2016

Valeria Germain “Augenblick”

André Uerba “Replacement of Speech”

Electrokagura “Amaterasu”

Charlotte Blackburn “Correspondance”

Atelier des Mimes. Oliver Pollack “Glück”

17.June 2016:

Rachel Clark “Current’s”

Red Monky “Red Monky”

Porson’s Khashoggi “Zeno & Nero”

Fernanda Silva “HA HA HA”

18.June 2016:

Carlos Gonzalez. Seth Burkley “Divagación”

Arianna Rodeghiero// Samuel Moncharmont “Questions”

Smith//Thomas//Szabó//Symes “War paint”

Amit Preisman “Lionesse”

Come and join us!

+info: https://letmeinfestival.wordpress.com/edition-2016/
facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/272275769788043/