Co- (lab) / 9 ::::::::: collaboration & co-elaboration

Friday 29th Juli 2016 at Grüntaler 9, (Grüntaler Straße, 9) Berlín

Co- (lab) / 9: collaboration and co-elaboration

12:00 // LAB intro discussion
12:30 – 19:00 // LAB
19:00 – 21:00 // PERFORMANCES

21:00 – Friday Süpperclüb (dinner by donätion)

Co- (lab) / 9 is a one-day group intensive, comprised of artists of various disciplines including: performance, dance, movement, sound, and visual arts.

Working in small groups, and as an entire group, the artists will propose, conceive, and develop scores, structures, and performance material; addressing the topics of: collaboration and co-elaboration (or simultaneity).

Working both site-relatively and site-responsively, they will utilize and draw inspiration from the remnants of previous performances, both recent and past, as well as the unique architectural and aesthetic qualities of the space itself.

Participants will have a chance to introduce and lead scores, structures, and concepts for their own practices. The lab will culminate in an evening of performances by the participants.

Everyone is welcome to witness and observe the lab at any time throughout the day.

The participants of the lab are (in alphabetic order) :::::::::

William “Bilwa” Costa – artistic dir. / performance

Lena Czerniawska – drawing

Juan Duarte – sound / visuals

Johanna Gilje – performance / dance

Irene Cortina González – dance

Emilio Gordoa – music

Lauren Hart – theatre / performance

Aya Imamura – visual art

Teena Lange – artistic direction

Marta Lodola – performance

Patrick Monte – performance/research

Sigrid Savi – dance

Dace Šteinerte – theatre

Ayaha Tokusa – words