“Häute” / “Pieles”

“Häute”, “Pieles” or “Skin” is a visual discourse about the human skin.


The body moves in awareness of its own skin, inside the created ‚skin-space’ of the clothes, strokes its boundaries and falls back to the own skin again.

The movement is cause by the potential of form, material, surface, weight and expanding of the costume,  developing different bodies and creating numerous characters throughout the piece.

Furthermore, this is an ongoing project that is permeable and adaptable to different performers and different spaces, searching for multiple contexts and dialogs. Therefore this project can not be defined as one piece, rather as an development of a bigger piece, that mutates every time that is performed.

Costumes: Christin Noel

Choreography: Irene Cortina

Music: Paul Dill

So far, the presentations of this study have been:

7 Oct. 2016 Circuito Bucles. Sporting Club Ruzafa, Valencia

Premiere of the duo version, with dance and live music. Length: 16min.

3-5 Jun 2016  Vila-Real en Dansa. Spain.

more info: here

9th September 2015 Feria Marte. Contemporary Art Fair of Castellón. Spain.

(work in progress) Estudio de la propuesta en formato Solo

more info: here

20th Jun 2015 Let Me In Festival. Wesertr. Berlin.

Duet study with live music. Dancers: Katharina Malong, Simone Detig.

more info: in the website

November 2014. Group study: 5 dancers, 1 musician

Dancers: Katharina Malong, Rachell Clark, Eli Cohen, Ramón Chamadoira, Simone Detig.

Video dance created by Roger Rossell

Performers: Katharina Malong, Ramón Chamadoira, Noam Eidelman, Irene Cortina González.