Let Me In Festival 2017

Call For Entries – Let me in Performing Arts Festival

Berlin, August 24th, 25th & 26th 2017 

in un-conventional spaces at Rosenstraße (Mitte)

Each year LET ME IN FESTIVAL picks one street of Berlin and transforms it into a performance tour during 3 evenings. 12 shows take place in 4 non-conventional spaces such as bars, houses, shops, galleries or parks. The mission of the festival is to bring people together through performing arts and offer an opportunity to rediscover a street changing its perspective through an artistic and aesthetic experience. Using non-conventional spaces, LET ME IN aims to give the audience a different and closer approach to Arts.

In addition this year Instituto Cervantes, Berlin  is officially supporting  the  third edition of Let me in Festival.

Application  deadline: May  15th 2017

selected artist will be contacted by: June 1st 2017

Call For Entries – PERFORMANCES

Do you have a 10min piece and want us to LET YOU IN?

We are seeking short performances which are inviting the audience to be very close to the performers or even create an experience for the selected audience members (there will be a max. of 15 people).


  • WHO: Open Call for dance, theater, live music and performance.
  • WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO: Send an email (until May 15th 2017) with the subject PERFORMANCE , a video link of the performance and an info sheet : artists involved / length / previous shows (or premiere) /concept (if wished) / a minimum of 1 high quality image to: performance.letmein@gmail.com 
  • WHAT WE OFFER: The entrance income will be shared among the performing artists and the organization of the festival.
  • WHERE/WHEN: August  24th, 25th and 26th 2017 in un-conventional spaces at Rosenstraße, Berlin-Mitte. Every piece will be shown 4 times on one evening and only on one of the 3 evenings (4 shows in total).

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Let Me In. Festival 18 – 19 – 20 JUN 2015 20h

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program Let Me In


LET ME IN FESTIVAL picks one street of one city and transforms it into a performance venue for 3 nights. 12 shows in 4 non-conventional spaces such as houses, shops, galleries or parks.  The selected audience members (only 15 people on each round) are guided through the locations to enjoy a full-evening performance created by the combination of 4 short length pieces, discovering the chosen street from a new point of view and experiencing a very intimate and, in some cases, interactive performance.

The main idea of this festival is to not be vinculated to a concrete place, not even to a concrete city, but rather to travel through different streets in a city and through different countries in the world.

This concept is strongly connected with the structure of “poble nou”, the organization of this festival.

Poble Nou is a global platform of artists who collaborate in different projects which happen simultaneously all over the world. Its structure is based in a rhizomatic system of self-cooperation, vectorization and constant transformation, where multiplicities interact to aim a product that it can be understood as entity. Poble Nou is an unconfined organization, fractal and ductile which behaves like a living organism and, therefore, is potentially infinite.


LET ME IN FESTIVAL elige una calle de una ciudad y la convierte en sala de performances por 3 noches. 12 piezas se mostrarán en 4 lugares no convencionales como casas, galerías, tiendas, parques… y el público será dirigido de un lugar a otro para disfrutar de una noche completa con 4 piezas cortas, descubriendo así la calle desde una nueva perspectiva y disfrutando de una actuación muy íntima y, en algunos casos, interactiva.

La principal idea de este festival es que no esté vinculado a lugar concreto, ni siquiera a una ciudad; sino que viaje por distintas calles de la ciudad a lo largo del año y por distintos países del mundo.

Este diseño esta totalmente ligado a la estructura de “poble nou”, nuestro grupo de trabajo.

Poble Nou es una plataforma global de artistas que colaboran entre sí en diversos proyectos que suceden simultáneamente en diferentes lugares del mundo. Su estructura está basada en un sistema rizomático de auto-cooperación, vectorización y transformación constante, donde las multiplicidades interactúan para lograr una obra que comprendemos como entidad. Se trata de una organización deslocalizada, fractal y dúctil que se comporta como un organismo vivo, y que como tal, es potencialmente infinita.


LET ME IN FESTIVAL wählt eine Strasse einer Stadt und verwandelt diese in eine Veranstaltungsstätte für 3 Nächte. 12 Vorstellungen an 4 unkonventionellen Orten wie Wohnungen, Cafés, Gallerien, Spätkäufen oder Parks. Das Publikum (maximal 15 Personen pro Zirkel) wird begleitet um sicher zu gehen das der Abend, bestehend aus 4 kurzen Performances, verstanden und genossen wird, der öffentliche Raum neu wahrgenommen wird und intime, teilweise teilnehmende Momente und Situationen erlebt werden.