Drawings for the Berlin festival “Investigating the moving body”

Contact Improvisation invites Klein Technique™

with Hanna Hegenscheidt and Jörg Hassmann

3-6 March 2016
Studio 2, Kunstquartier Bethanien, Berlin

Highly recommended festival for dancers, movers and people interested in “the moving body”.  Hanna Hegenscheidt and Jörg Hannmann are amazing teachers that will guide you through 5 days of movement research through contact impro and Klein Technique.

This will be the 3rd edition, and after the great experience of the previous two, I can only recommend everyone involved and interested in the “moving scene” to join this event.

Find more info on the web:: http://moving-body.org/

(posters from the first edition)poster investigating the moving body


poster 2 invest. de moving body