2013 Faszien

The fascia is a connective tissue structure that extends throughout the body as a three-dimensional network. It has a membranous appearance and envelops all body structures. It provides support, protection and shape to the organisms. It is the material that provides wrapping and isolation of the deep structures of the body. Fasciae’s system is characterized by a sliding capacity and displacement. It enables small physiological movements, such as heartbeat and movements also more visible as the expansion of the lungs during breathing.

Choreography: Irene Cortina

Dance: Katharina Malong, Jessica Kammerer, Anna Marin, Irene Cortina.

Music: Paul Dill

Costume: Christin Noel

Video: Svea Pöstges

Video release: July 2013 Berlin Weißensee University. Germany

Pictures by Svea Pöstges